The Aego has been one of our best and generally welcomed items since its presentation. The most recent Aego³ keeps the essential design of the Aego however further develops the presentation further and supplements it with state of the art usefulness to make it much more adaptable than previously. All new aluminum composite satellites give predominant recurrence reaction and further developed clearness. The 65w RMS Subwoofer and power unit gives the Aego³ room filling sound while an all new switch mode power supply enables it to work anyplace on the planet while decreasing commotion levels.

To exploit this presentation, the Aego³ is furnished with a simple line-in, optical advanced and Apt-X fit Bluetooth 4.0 data sources that guarantee it is viable with an immense scope of gadgets. A controller is provided for added accommodation. The outcome is a minimized and rich speaker framework that gives a thrilling and charming melodic exhibition with an immense assortment of cooperating hardware.

Aego M – Give your iPod an Aego!

Individual sound doesn’t need to be simply close to home any longer. The Aego M music framework carries enormous scope high loyalty sound to MP3 players, Pc’s, Macs, Phones and surprisingly hand held game gadgets with complete fitting and play straightforwardness.

With only one link the Aego M transforms any close to home music gadget into the core of a home theater setup. In the lounge, the room, away at school or basically for an unconstrained party – the Aego M conveys a major sound from a minuscule bundle.

Aego BT2 Bluetooth
Bluetooth has become one of the main association techniques in the sound business. A truly open standard upheld by a great many gadgets, ongoing developments have seen it move past straightforward accommodation and become a solid method for conveying hifi quality. To exploit this Acoustic Energy has fostered the BT2 Wireless Bluetooth speaker. The BT2 highlights an aluminum body, elastic press button controls and a perfect, downplayed stylish. Bluetooth 4.2 with well-suited X Low Latency for ideal execution, is likewise upheld.

The BT2 is fit for a persuading sound system picture by its own doing. Highlighting USB telephone charging and a mouthpiece for hands free calling for true adaptability. This is upheld by long battery life of more than 20 hours, making the BT2 an ideal accomplice for ordinary use.

Aego Sound3ar
Level screen TVs have become ever more slender and more rich lately and keeping in mind that this makes for a stylishly engaging item, it implies that the space accessible inside the frame for speakers has become increasingly packed. Thus, numerous advanced TVs can’t create the sound to match their image.

To give an answer for this Acoustic Energy has taken the subwoofer unit of the Aego³ and made an all new soundbar speaker cluster to accomplice it. Intended to easily praise present day level screens and prepared for divider mounting, it is fit for giving a sound that does equity to everything from broadcast TV to the most recent realistic blockbusters. By utilizing the different bass and enhancer module, we have guaranteed that the Aego Soundbar is pretty much as rich as the hardware you will accomplice it with, while conveying the degree of execution that you would anticipate from an Acoustic Energy item.

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